Friday, January 1, 2016

Aussie Sluticus on Youtube

A bloke talks about the dangers of the not so rare Australian species, Aussie Sluticus.

Happy new year.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Fat Femocrats love Santa

Queensland public servants must be thinking that all their Christmas's have come at once with this generous undeserved pay rise.

Femocrats are female public servants or bureaucrats who are only interested in furthering the aims of feminism. Australia has the largest percentage of  femocrats in the Western world and they virtually control the country.

Big fat government = big fat taxes.

The civil service is largely a big bureaucratic matriarchy, dominated by fat lazy career-break-having file-shuffling feminists who are virtually unsackable.

Feminists falsely assert that men should appreciate and desire fat Western women. Obese women are ugly and unhealthy. Is this the image feminists want girls to aspire for?

Australian men will increasely travel to find slim , submissive and sexy Eastern women.

Merry Christmas Ho Ho Ho

Friday, December 11, 2015

Invest in Cats and Vibrators

Australian men should buy shares in the cat breeding and the vibrator manufacturing industries. These products will be in high demand due by the many lonely spinsters because of the male marriage boycott.

Thanks to feminism, the few men and women who will rushing to get married will be homosexuals and lesbians . Heterosexual women will be compelled to buy cats and vibrators for sexual gratification and company. In vast contrast, Aussie men will be increasingly traveling  overseas looking for desirable foreign women to marry.

The only bourgeois bargain  is that Western women still view traditional marriage as legalised prostitution. Regardless of feminism, women will always marry the man with the more resources and status.

Heterosexual men can avoid the high costs of marriage and risk of divorce in Australia because the huge returns on our investments in cats and vibrators will fund our travels overseas looking for foreign wives.


Sunday, November 29, 2015

Domestic Violence Hypocrisy

It takes two to tango and this campaign to only blame men for domestic violence is feminist propaganda funded by taxpayers. In reality, men are victims of all forms of violence perpetrated by both men AND WOMEN. Men are just too humiliated to report it to police and the complaint would not be taken seriously. "Man-up" would the typical response. Therefore, the overwhelming occurrence of assaults on men by women in the home go unreported to authorities.

Calling men terrorists is a bit extreme. The facts are that children, especially toddlers, are mostly  murdered by their mothers. Tens of thousands of  unborn children are aborted on demand every year. Defenceless children not given the opportunity of birth, chopped-up and sucked out of their 'protective' capsule. So who then are the terrorists? Women who have abortions should be banned from having children for life.

These stupid bitches are just attracted to violent men. That is the reason they don't leave. Its also why violent criminals in prison receive fan mail from thousands of women. Bad boys equate to excitement in their lives.

Men will never take this issue seriously until BOTH sexes are targeted by governments.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Eternal Bachelor

One of my favorite anti-feminist blogs was written by the Eternal Bachelor.
He went by the name of Duncan Idaho , supposedly lived in Britain and worked as an accountant alongside predominantly female staff.

His blog theme was for men to boycott marriage in our preferential feminist court system and society. He was hard hitting in his cold logical and passionate attack of feminist ideology that has caused so much havoc in the personal lives of both men and women.

His motto was: Give modern women the husband they deserve. None.

Visit the Eternal Bachelor blog

Friday, January 29, 2010

Mangina demands Navy must hire more women

Article found in the Courier Mail .

The Federal Government (Australian) has lost faith in the navies ability to hire and promote more women

Here we go.

and has ordered that they push more women up the command chain.

Yeh. That means more 'positive' discrimination(quotas) in favour of women.

Defence Personnel Minister , Greg (mangina) Combet,

Cumming from one of those peculiar creatures, a male feminist

told a peak
conference in Sydney, Pacific 2010, that the navy must undertake radical change so to hire,retain and promote more women.

Fuck you minister. I was once in the armed forces and us men who will do the real fighting when the shit hits the fan don't want women in the navy. Recruitment and training has been dumbed down to cater for these bitches.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good are religious and traditional women. They follow the leadership of their husbands. Good women seek cooperation with their men instead of confrontation. For them, marriage is a lifetime commitment to their husbands and children.

The Bad women are feminists leaders. Germaine Greer, is a perfect example of the blind leading the blind. Her book, The Female Eunuch, led to the Aussie slut. She argued that women should be more like men . Greer is one of Australia's few exports to Britain.

The Ugly women are followers of the feminist leadership. They adhere to every word of the feminist 'gospel' and their man-hating indoctrination, misinformation and propaganda. The blind leading the blind down the path of destruction. They are also the ferals have a disregard for physical appearance.